Andreas Brake

About Me

I am a recent graduate of McGill University, having just completed a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. Throughout my time at university I have taken classes involving topics such as computer architecture, project management, telecom systems, and hardware design.

Aside from my education, I have had three internships in the past three years that have involved software development, big data analytics, and SEO. These internships can be seen in more detail under the experience sections of this site.

During my free time, I enjoy working on smaller creative projects from quick and simple webapps to large and lengthy applications. Many of these are listed in the projects section of this site. My favourites include the Geneol webapp which allowed me to extend some personal genealogy research into a neat graphical layout in addition to TGE, a much larger program which has taught me a great deal along with having allowed me to truly expand my creative bounds.

In addition to my personal projects, I also try to regularly attend coding competitions. Most recently, I attended McGill Codejam 2015 where my team and I placed 5th out of over 30 teams. The part about these competitions I enjoy the most is the ability to not only try out new technologies but to also collaborate with others and get exposed to methodologies and thought processes which I would not derive while working alone on my other projects.

Andreas Brake